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Our Principles

The goal the Turning the Tide Against Cancer initiative is to advance solutions that enable efficient and effective cancer care, while fostering scientific and clinical research that addresses the unmet needs of cancer patients. We engage with stakeholders from across the field of oncology, including patients, providers, researchers, payers, the biopharmaceutical industry, and policymakers, as well as the public at large, to identify mutually-agreed upon strategies to meet this goal. Through our work, we believe solutions must:

  • Strengthen the Evidence Base for Better Patient Value
  • Develop and Apply New Tools for High-Value Decision-Making in Health Care
  • Expand Patient-Centered Value-Based Payment Models
  • Modernize Regulatory Pathways to Keep Pace with Science and Research
  • Adapt to Continual Scientific Advances and Modern Oncology Practices
  • Ensure Transparency in Design of Tools and Models

Read the full Principles Document to see our recommendations for meeting these goals. Our recommendations are informed by our stakeholder engagement around issues of cost and value in cancer care and research, and our collective understanding of:

  • The ongoing importance of putting the patient at the center of cancer care reforms;
  • The rapid advances occurring in basic science and clinical research;
  • Our growing ability to tailor patient care based on underlying genetic and molecular characteristics of disease;
  • The challenges in managing and utilizing both clinical trial and real world data; and
  • Growth in health informatics, decision-support tools, and alternative payment models (APMs).