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2012 Conference Videos

Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Edward Abrahams, Ph.D., President, Personalized Medicine Coalition, delivers opening remarks at the Turning the Tide Against Cancer Through Sustained Medical Innovation conference in Washington, D.C. on June 12, 2012.

Morning Keynote: John Mendelsohn, M.D.

Progress over the past 40 years—by the entire cancer research community—now provides unprecedented opportunities to translate current discoveries of the critical molecular changes that drive cancer into improved patient care. We are at a pivotal juncture with the potential for significant gains in the near future. The morning keynote address frames the day's discussion around the nature of innovation in cancer research and progress in clinical care and to highlight the opportunities and challenges facing researchers, clinicians and policymakers.

Panel 1: Innovative Models Addressing the Evolving Challenges in Cancer Research and Care

Research progress in recent years comes at a time of great social and economic turbulence, when the population is aging, cancer is becoming more prevalent, and healthcare costs are rising. At the same time, changes within the cancer ecosystem are dramatically challenging the status quo; new technologies such as personalized medicine, changing delivery models, the business environment, and patient engagement have important implications for the way cancer is treated. This panel explores the changing ecosystem and emerging models of cancer care and research and the implications for policymakers and the cancer community as they work to build and sustain progress against cancer.

Panel 2: Defining Value in Cancer Innovation

The dramatic changes in cancer research and care are occurring at a time when growing demand exists to demonstrate value in cancer care. Emerging opportunities and challenges exist in how value is defined and measured by the diverse stakeholder community in an era of personalized medicine. Given that initial evaluation of tools and therapies may only reveal a portion of the broader clinical benefit, we may only understand their real value over longer periods of time. The demand to demonstrate value needs to be reconciled with the increasing challenges that emerging trends pose to current models of defining value. This panel explores how the diverse dimensions and perspectives on value can be reconciled and the role of new tools and current approaches for measuring value.

Afternoon Keynote: Mark McClellan, M.D., Ph.D.

Engagement is needed from stakeholders across all sectors in order to sustain innovation and drive the transition toward personalized cancer care. The afternoon keynote describes novel ways to achieve dramatic change and foster innovation in cancer research and care across the ecosystem of stakeholders so that continued progress can be realized.

Panel 3: Policies to Sustain Innovation in Cancer

In light of the major trends in science, patient care and patient engagement, and the challenge of growing cost pressure, what are the paths forward to sustain progress and turn the tide? Regulatory approaches are evolving and new tools are being explored to increase quality and control costs in healthcare. Many challenges to achieving the full scientific, clinical and economic potential of personalized cancer care still exist. This panel begins to identify potential pathways to accelerate progress and improve patient care in an era of healthcare cost containment.

The Pathway to Progress: Consensus and Call to Action

The conference brings together stakeholders from all sectors to discuss the emerging science and technology, clinical impact, policy, and business environment necessary for sustaining innovation and driving our evolution toward personalized cancer care. The purpose of this call to action is to reinforce the key discussion points of the day and potential policy pathways to galvanize the stakeholders toward future action.

Conference Closing and Thank You

Edward Abrahams, Ph.D., President, Personalized Medicine Coalition, delivers closing remarks at the Turning the Tide Against Cancer Through Sustained Medical Innovation conference in Washington, D.C. on June 12, 2012.

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